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Construction engineering refers to the engineering entity formed by the construction of various types of house buildings and their auxiliary facilities and the installation activities of their supporting lines, pipelines and equipment.


Building decoration engineering refers to protecting the main structure of the building, using decoration materials or ornaments, improving the use function of the building and beautifying the building.


Municipal Engineering refers to the construction of various public infrastructure supporting urban life, such as urban roads, bridges, subways, urban squares, urban greening, etc.


The mechanical method is mainly used to analyze and design the structure, and to evaluate the service state. The object of study refers to all artificial structures on the earth's surface or in the shallow crust.


PT.INDO FUDONG KONSTRUKSI is a professional company with rich construction experience and very mature operation system in the field of civil engineering, construction, bridge, road, hydraulic engineering, steel structure, locomotive installation and other infrastructure and industrial facilities construction. Since its establishment in 2011, the company has won the trust of customers with professional construction team, excellent project quality and reliable schedule. At present, the company has participated in the civil engineering and maintenance construction of 7 national planning industrial construction projects in Indonesia and 9 other large and medium-sized industrial construction projects, which have been affirmed and praised by the owner and the general contractor. The company has more than 2000 employees, including more than 500 Chinese employees. In 2015, the output value reached 430 million yuan, in 2016, 650 million yuan, and in 2017, it is expected to achieve nearly 1 billion yuan.


Indonesia Fudong Construction Co., Ltd. is a professional company with rich construction experience and very mature operation system in the field of infrastructure and industrial facilities construction such as civil engineering, construction, bridge, road, hydraulic engineering, steel structure and locomotive installation. Since its establishment, With the rapid development of Indonesia's power, metallurgy, industry and mining, infrastructure and other fields as an opportunity, through efficient, high-quality and reliable construction services, it has successively participated in the construction of nearly 30 national key projects in Indonesia, and has been recognized and trusted by the majority of owners and the general contractor.

  • Each building individual is the life body of a city.

  • The art of every building comes from the technology of construction.

  • The character of every building is the moral character of builders.

  • Architecture is the scientific art of expressing ideas with structure.

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After years of development, the company has gradually grown into a general contractor for civil engineering construction. The business covers Indonesia as a whole and radiates markets in other Asian African countries. We will always adhere to the "Indonesian market oriented, radiation Asia Africa market" business strategy, in building an internationally competitive construction group company on the road of development for all new and old customers to provide better quality engineering services.

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Sharing public welfare has me

Since the start of the three project Department of Fu Tung Construction Co., Ltd., Indonesia has actively participated in the public welfare activities such as donations from the resident churches, village construction, supporting the elderly and the children, etc., and has given preferential treatment to the residents in the residential area.

"Iron Army" has been invincible everywhere

Kota Bengkulu, Indonesia, local time in November 15, 2019, China's electric power construction and development of Indonesia's first coal-fired power plant in Kota Bengkulu officially connected to the grid. The project expects annual power generation to reach 1 billion 400 million degrees, which will effectively alleviate the power shortage problem around Ming Gu and Sumatra.

Thank you for ten years

Indonesia's Fu Dong holds the 2019 outstanding commendation Conference
The lights are bright and gay. On the afternoon of January 19, 2020, Indonesia's Fu Dong Construction Co., Ltd. 2019 outstanding recognition conference and "Fu Dong ten years Thanksgiving you," 2020 New Year's meeting will be held at Jin Sha Kokusai Hotel, Jakarta.